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Fast Wax works fast and easy on all wet or dry painted surfaces, clear coat, plastic, glass, metal, vinyl and rubber trim.The last on the list is the spray wax which is mostly recommended for new cars.After waxing and buffing, wait as long as the wax manufacturers recommend.FW1, Fast Wax, and other famous brands of waterless car wash products generally contain 17.5 ounces per can.

Use a car wash solution to clean the car and allow it to air dry or use a microfiber cloth to dry the car.

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A yellow creme wax containing mild abrasives, lubricants and silicone that removes minor paint imperfections, produces deep gloss and provides lasting protection.You do not want to apply a lot of wax as too much can actually damage the paint.

FW1 Cleaning Wax - posted in Detailing: Recently I was approached by a promoter to sell this FW1 Cleaning Wax.Waxes can also inconsistent in withstanding harsher soaps and certain car detergents.

And for those dazzling finishing touches, look no further than trim cleaners and super gloss sprays.Dodo Juice Blue Velvet car wax, along with Purple Haze, is one of the best-selling Dodo Juice waxes, and is perfect for dark coloured cars.

The formula includes a blend of carnauba wax (protection) and a special silicone emulsion.A carnauba car wax or paint sealant will not only improve the appearance of your car, they protect it from the sun, contamination, and oxidation.

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Experts in our company with their vast knowledge have come up with a product FW1, which is renowned for its waterless car cleaning property.

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Car waxes are made in specific hues and in this case, a black paint job requires a specific kind of wax.The first type of wax arch uses a system of foam applicators, the most common being a triple-foam applicator, to apply a foam wax.The Turtle Cleaner Wax is recommended for older cars while the wet shine wax can be used on any car.

Best of all, this item, as with all our wash and wax products, is as effective as it is convenient.

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This may require waxing or buffing in sections, stopping, and then wiping away wax.Some car waxes have agents present in the composition that cover up scratches easily.This updated formula has made application even simpler, with the ability to be applied even in direct sunlight.

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Protect your vehicle with a high quality car wax or paint sealant to keep the paint looking its best for the life of your vehicle.Water Repelling Fast Wax Car Automotive Supplies Equipment Repellers Spray New Summary Wax and dry in one step Protects surfaces from damaging elements Applies a water beading coating High gloss shine Easy spray on formula Description RainX Water Repelling Fast Wax is a premium wax that provides a high gloss shine and a protective.Weather conditions are also important factors in the kind of product that you would want to buy.

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Obviously EZdetailer is a better deal when it comes to quantity.

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